Voice Recording Module Isd1820

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Voice Recording Module Isd1820


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Product Description.

Voice recording module
Operating voltage: DC 3~5V
Easy to use 10-second voice recording and playback.
High-quality, natural voice restores.
Can be used as a megaphone module.
With loop play, jog play, single play function.
Key control recording and playback operation method

Button Definition…
REC key: recording button, press and hold to record, release the button to stop recording;
RLAYE key: trigger mode playback, click to play the current voice of the entire paragraph;
PLAYL key: jog mode playback, press and hold to playback, release to stop playing;
RPL jumper: loop play mode control, can be played circularly;
FT jumper: through control, it allows the microphone voice directly to the speaker to playback.

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