Dc Dc Buck Converter With Display Lm2596-3a

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Dc Dc Buck Converter With Display Lm2596-3a


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Product Description.

DC DC Buck converter
Module Model: LM2596 Buck Converter + Voltmeter
Cutting Size: 66mm x 35mm
Input Voltage: DC 4.0 – 40V
Output Voltage: 1.25V – 37V (continuously adjustable, the input voltage must be 1V higher than the output voltage)
Output Current: 2A(normal and stable), 3A Max.
Ripple Frequency: About 150Khz
Ripple Peak: About 100mV
Display Color: Red
Voltage Meter Error: ±0.1V
Measure Range:4~40V (for measure accurately, please ensure that the input voltage is more than 4V)

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